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Company Background

PT Primasenta Resources Indonesia is a licensed specialist outsourcing agency which established in 2008. PT Primasenta Resources Indonesia is an affiliation company of PT Formatikatama Solusindo, the sole distributor of high technology software and powerful hardware (OMR & ICR) of scantron USA which established since 1991. It specializes in conducting mass recruitment (UN /UAN / UMPTN, CPNS), Outsourcing of Data Entry and IT activities.

 A line with corporate demand PT Primasenta Resources Indonesia was then established  in 2008 to provide all the outsourcing activities. PT Primasenta Resources Indonesia is commited in recruiting professional staff with fast, searching in our database and direct recruitment.

PT Primasenta Resources Indonesia has now been established to fulfill the need of outsourcing activities by providing well skill and trained staff customized out Client needs.

The combination of high technologi OMR for massive recruitment, short message service (SMS) centre and selected man power will conribute highly strong outsourcing candidates which will definitely help to promote the growth of your business